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Offering over 25 years experience working for the good of the people, Suzanne Lugaski is a dedicated Reno criminal defense attorney with a passion for helping others. Suzanne Lugaski takes a strategically aggressive and proactive approach to managing criminal cases, making her a top choice for those who are looking forthe best Reno drug lawyer, Reno theft lawyer or Reno domestic lawyer for their case.

Thanks to a varied background and extensive educational experience, Suzanne Lugaski is prepared to handle your case, drawing on her experiences in the field and strong educational background to defend those that are facing criminal charges.

Suzanne Lugaski has represented clients in many different types of cases, including everything from violent criminal charges, to those who are faced with lesser charges of DUI and theft. No matter what the charges are, Suzanne Lugaski will aggressively fight for your rights, taking advantage of her years of experience in the criminal justice system as a lawyer, a member of the California Highway Patrol and her previous work as the California Deputy District Attorney. Now working in her own firm, Suzanne Lugaski is fully prepared to take on your case with the experience and the knowledge that you deserve. She has been Board certificated by the State of Nevada and has a long history of early trial experience and exposure to the intricacies of criminal law cases.

Let Suzanne Lugaski help you through a difficult situation with sound legal advice and professional, caring representation that you won’t find anywhere else. To schedule a free consultation, email Suzanne Lugaski or call 775-622-8380.

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